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Inspired by the trend

Women's demand for nail technicians is exploding around the world. Many prosthetists are now fully booked and can no longer take on new clients….

Their work is always more precise, more sophisticated and demands ever more efficient products.

OnglesPro was born from this trend.


Professional nails and ALBI

We have chosen to collaborate with the ALBI brand, created and developed in the avant-garde country of nail prosthesis: Russia.


Indeed, ALBI has developed its products in recent years in collaboration with the best professionals to support the incredible development of the Russian nail industry.

The founding axes of the range are:

  • The choice of the best quality ingredients, certified in Europe

  • Innovative formulations to make the work of prosthetists as easy as possible, and to give them pleasure in using the products

  • Impeccable results, perfect outfits that are still easy to put on

  • Innovation and the search for trends, which make it possible to bring new concepts before others.

Ongles Pro distributes this great brand of nail prosthesis in France, relying on the best professionals, who naturally and spontaneously become our best ambassadors, convinced by the quality of our products.

Ongles Pro will continue to expand its ranges over time, in the service of quality and innovation in the nail industry and aesthetics more broadly.

Nails Pro
everything for the nail

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